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Make Sure You’re Included in Protection from 150% Rule Lawsuit

Thursday, May 30, 2024  |  4:00 PM ET


  • Lynelle Lynch, CEO, Bellus Academy
  • Farnaz Thompson, Partner, McGuire Woods
  • Jed Brinton, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, CECU

Many institutions have programs that are impacted by the new Program Length Rule (34 CFR 668.14(b)(26), formerly known as the 150% Rule) requiring that programs be no longer than 100% of the State minimum number of hours required for that occupation. As we discussed in our last webinar, a lawsuit against the new Rule could provide relief to impacted schools. We invite all institutions impacted by this Rule to join us a second time to learn about a new opportunity to ensure that your school is covered by any protection that may result from the lawsuit against the new Rule.


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