Education Membership

CECU leads the way in advocacy, training, professional development, and best practices for the postsecondary career sector of higher education. Education Membership is available to family owned, nonprofit, private equity owned, and publicly traded institutions focused on career education. 

Membership puts your institution at the heart of it. Find your niche to get involved and make your institution stronger, including:

  • Timely updates on regulations, updates, and news affecting the sector.
  • Exclusive access to top government relations professionals, grassroots training, and state partnerships to strengthen your advocacy efforts.
  • Bi-monthly webinars and hallmark CECU events like the Career Education Convention, Leadership Institute, and the Executive Leadership Summit.
  • Connections to the companies who deliver trusted products, programs, and services to our industry.

Education Membership Benefits

Government Relations

  • Access to top government relations professionals, grassroots training, and state partnerships to strengthen your advocacy efforts.
  • CECU has deep, bipartisan experience on Capitol Hill and at the U. S. Departments of Education and Veterans Affairs.
  • We will work with your school’s internal government relations leaders to strategize on best practices, campus site visits, and access to legislators.
  • You will have access to real-time information on legislative and regulatory issues of concern to our sector.


  • Access to CECU’s best-in-class media relations, communications, and social media team to assist with local media and communications outreach.
  • Real-time updates on important news and information relevant to our sector.
  • Access to Career Education Review, the Voice of Career Education, a publication that features articles addressing successful educational institution operations.
  • Receive the CER Daily News email containing a comprehensive news summary, student success stories, and a list of upcoming webinars and events.
  • Access to CECU's podcast, Career Education Report.


  • CECU works with top-tier research firms and thought leaders to collect and analyze data to understand the cost-benefit and economic impact of legislation and regulations.
  • Data is collected through social, market, and custom research to develop recommendations that inform federal, state, and local policy and decision-makers.
  • The association publishes reports, best practices, videos, and infographics that showcase our schools' important work in efforts such as educating veterans, workforce demand, skilled trades and frontline training, and underserved community populations.
  • CECU regularly evaluates research goals and priorities by engaging members, sector leaders, and policymakers.

Professional Development

  • CECU hosts the top attended events in the sector including the Career Education Convention, Executive Leadership Summit, Hill Day, and Leadership Institute.
  • Access to all professional development materials, including all past webinar recordings, event documents, government relations resources, and more.
  • Frequent webinars on important and timely topics available to all staff at your institution.
  • Networking opportunities with other leaders in the sector.
  • CECU's Leadership Institute provides unmatched opportunities for your middle and senior managers to gain access to targeted professional development training.
  • CECU awards the Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) certification for completion of approved training through MaxKnowledge and a network of partnering educational associations and agencies.
Serjik Kesachekian
Serjik Kesachekian
Chief Compliance Officer
Success Education Colleges
CECU provides professional and organizational support. As a long-standing member of CECU, I appreciate the value I continue to receive from the organization. I have found that CECU provides both resources and relevant information that supports me professionally and my organization. I appreciate how CECU advocates for policies that support both our students and institutions.
Matt Calhoun
Matt Calhoun
SVP of Regulatory Affairs
Arizona College
My journey with CECU began back in 2003 when I participated in the Leadership Institute. From that pivotal moment and throughout the subsequent annual conferences, my association with CECU has proven indispensable in fostering a robust professional network within our sector. The organization's commitment to equipping its members with the latest insights into regulatory and government affairs has been invaluable in sustaining my expertise. CECU is an exceptional organization, and I genuinely appreciate the invaluable services they consistently provide to our schools.
Patrick Comstock
Dr. Patrick Comstock, PhD
Chief Compliance Officer
TruMantra Education Group
My experiences with CECU have been nothing but positive. When I have had policy questions or needed interpretations of recent policies, the response has been quick and, in each instance, provided the information that I needed. With my current organization, I have been able to attend the last two CECU Conventions. Each event has impressed me with the level of organization and professionalism. The presentations are informative and on point to the current issues affecting our schools. It is reassuring that CECU is fighting the battle and protecting our schools.

For more information, or to talk with a CECU Staff member regarding potential membership, please contact [email protected].

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