Episode 23 - An Inside Look at Arnold Ventures' For-Profit Higher Ed Research

Arnold Ventures is often the lead funder behind some of the most harshly critical reports of the for-profit sector. While their research has indicated disparities in outcomes among different types of higher education institutions, their main goal is ensuring students receive a quality education. In this episode, Dr. Jason Altmire speaks with Kelly McManus, VP of Higher Education at Arnold Ventures, to hear how the organization is working to increase accountability standards for all schools so all students can succeed regardless of where they choose to attend.
Arnold Ventures is the philanthropic initiative of Laura and John Arnold that focuses on solving society’s most challenging problems. One of their priorities is improving the higher education system and increasing accountability for better outcomes. Dr. Altmire and Kelly discuss Arnold Venture’s focus on for-profit schools and how their research works to increase accountability across the board, the motivation behind the critics of for-profit schools, and how producing ROI for students impacts policy and the protection of taxpayer dollars.
Kelly McManus