Episode 13 - Colleges Need to Fundamentally Change or Risk Closure

Thought leaders in higher education have been concerned about the future of higher education. Dr. Robert Zemsky and Dr. Lori Carrell both agree that to prevent schools from closure, higher education needs to be revitalized. In this episode, Dr. Jason Altmire talks with Dr. Robert Zemsky of the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Lori Carrell of the University of Minnesota Rochester about the market viability of undergraduate institutions and the strategies they must take to thrive. 
Dr. Zemsky and Dr. Carrell co-wrote the book Communication for a Change: Revitalizing Conversations for Higher Education. In our discussion, they share ways that communication can most effectively bring change to higher education institutions. We also discuss what universities are most at risk of closure, distrust of institutions by students, and how three-year degrees might be more beneficial to both students and institutions.