Episode 25 - Congresswoman Virginia Foxx: A Champion for Higher Education

The Biden administration has shaken up the student loan debt system and targeted the for-profit sector. In this episode, Dr. Jason Altmire talks with Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Chair of the Committee on Education & the Workforce, to discuss how Congress can improve postsecondary education so students and taxpayers will benefit from a better system.
Congresswoman Foxx shares what oversight actions House Republicans will take to counter the current administration's actions on higher education. Then, Congresswoman Foxx and Dr. Altmire discuss the Real Reforms Act, if Congress can draw bipartisan support for a short-term Pell Grant program, what drives harsh ideologies against the for-profit sector amongst policymakers, and which rules and regulations in higher education should apply to everyone.
Congresswoman Virginia Foxx