Episode 20 - Higher Education’s Impending Overhaul

Higher education is ripe for a major shakeup, according to Professor Todd Zywicki. Todd is a professor of law at the George Mason Antonin Scalia Law School and talks with Dr. Jason Altmire about student loan defaults, the strengths of for-profit colleges and weaknesses of other institutions, and the lack of competition in higher education.
Todd shares his thoughts on policymakers’ pushback against for-profit colleges and how for-profit schools’ outcomes compare with other institutions. Then, Todd and Dr. Altmire discuss how federal taxpayers fund “country club” college experiences for students and how competition can be restored in higher education’s stifled market. 
Find Todd’s book Unprofitable Schooling here.
Read a deep dive on student loans in The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Taskforce Report.
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