Episode 21 - LinkedIn for Blue-Collar Jobs

Rich Camacho is a military veteran who wanted to help other veterans find jobs in corporate America. He made significant headway in this sector but noticed a market gap for assisting veterans and tradespeople in finding blue-collar trade jobs. So he teamed up with his wife, Gina Camacho, and her technology background to create BlueRecruit, a recruiting platform that matches tradespeople with hiring companies. In this episode, Dr. Jason Altmire speaks with Gina and Rich about how BlueRecruit is partnering with CECU member schools and employers to efficiently fill blue-collar jobs with skilled workers.
Gina and Rich discuss the concept behind BlueRecruit and how they developed technology that perfectly matches workers’ experience with a company’s job requirements. They discuss how they engage with students, employers, and schools, and they explore BlueRecruit’s partnership with CECU. Gina and Rich also share the BlueRecruit insights that help employers be more competitive in the job market, how BlueRecruit is growing and expanding, and ways listeners can get involved with BlueRecruit.