Episode 22 - Task Force Helps Veterans Get Trucking Jobs

The truck driving industry holds excellent opportunities for veterans transitioning into the workforce. To make this transition easier and address longstanding issues in trucking, the White House formed the Task Force Movement. In this episode, Dr. Jason Altmire speaks with two members of the task force, Sarah Amico and Cassie Byard, about the trucking industry's future. They discuss how we can address labor shortages, the different educational paths veterans can take to enter the trucking industry, and how trucking companies can best retain their employees.
Sarah shares why trucking jobs are great career opportunities, the factors contributing to the truck driver shortage, and how we can help veterans acquire the proper skills to keep up with trucking innovations. Cassie explains the Task Force Movement’s responsibilities, the problems they are addressing, and the recommendations the task force’s upcoming report will present. They also discuss the best strategies for addressing high turnover rates, retaining employees, and avoiding trucker washout.
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