CECU Success Stories

Carolyn Brewster

Carolyn Brewster

Dental Assistant Graduate from Concorde Career Colleges

Carolyn Brewster began the Dental Assistant (DA) program with a significant disadvantage. She was facing financial difficulties and struggling to keep her home for herself and her children. Her dad's support was inconsistent, and she had to bear the burden alone. During her program, Carolyn lost her home and had to live in her car while attending classes and her externship. Despite facing these challenges, Carolyn persevered and completed her program on time. After several unsuccessful job interviews, Carolyn landed a position at an ideal dental office to start her career as an Orthodontics Assistant. She excelled in Orthodontics practice and continues to strive in her profession.

“Accomplishing my goal to finish school and become an expanded functions dental assistant was the easy part. Passing my externship was also easy. But what I did not account for was how hard it would be to find a dental office after graduation, said Carolyn.

“I had a resume and partial knowledge of how to conduct myself during interviews, but after several “no's,” I knew I could not do this part on my own.

“Concorde staff and teachers gave me tools and resources to set myself up for success, but Mrs. Muhammad took her time with me specifically to address concerns with my approach. We sat down and had a powerful conversation about confidence, being prepared, and dressing professionally.

“Mrs. Muhammad helped me perfect my resume, gave me talking points when answering questions, taught me how to be prepared, and, most importantly, how to dress to impress. In her secret (not so secret) collection of professional attire, we picked out a nice pantsuit for me to wear to my interview. She gave me the confidence and tools I needed to be successful.

“Not only did I look the part, but I was also prepared and ready to use the skills I had learned. I passed my next interview and got my dream job the same day!

“Thank you, Mrs. Muhammad. I could not have done this without such a great member of the Concorde team and staff.”