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CECU Announces New Consulting Subsidiary 

CECU is pleased to announce the formation of CampusWise Advisors (CWA), a new consulting firm created to assist institutions of higher education with a variety of compliance, accreditation, finance, business operations, and strategic planning issues. A wholly-owned subsidiary of CECU, CampusWise Advisors is affiliated with recognized experts in various fields of higher education to offer a cost-effective option for institutions in need of consulting and guidance.

Referral Network

In addition to the exceptional and diverse team of consultants, CWA is also establishing referral relationships with other firms and industry experts. Through these relationships and direct affiliations with recognized experts in the field, CWA will be able to offer clients cost-effective access to best-in-class support across a wide range of services.

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To learn more about how CampusWise Advisors can help your school or business, please contact CWA here. You can learn more about CWA and its offerings by visiting the CWA website.

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